Behind the name of BDSM Architecture there is a young, skilful, and kinky couple named Edgar and Sally. Once unable to find what they truly wanted in the market, in 2016 they built the first bench and cross by themselves to use and enjoy. Local community, once they were introduced to some of their work, seemed to like the multi-functionality and the design of it. Soon they were asking to make some for them and Edgar and Sally, seeing the interest of others, became inspired to design, build and sell professionally made kinky furniture. They understood that together with a professional team they are able to not only realize their own fantasies but also make the dreams come true for those who are interested in the kinky lifestyle and are looking for something out of the ordinary to complete their life with. Soon enough Edgar and Sally were happily involved in the making process of many types of BDSM furniture for the local community and it did not last long till they made quite many of them. They saw the opportunity to provide other people, not just their close friends, with custom-made kinky furniture of the dreams and in 2016 they opened an Etsy shop with the launch of BDSM Architecture website following soon after. The best thing is that the products that you are able to find in the store are designed (and wonderfully tested…) personally by Edgar and Sally. So, if a piece of furniture is decided to be sold, they are absolutely sure that the experience of using the piece of furniture is amazing and also, is completely safe. While designing and building the furniture, every step is with care: such things as durability, comfort, functionality in mind. Many of the pieces of furniture or accessories are multi-use and have multiple ways how they could be used, so they serve the user rather than the user serves them. After all, what could be better than a kinky multi-functional piece of furniture that would last You for years and would look great? Of course, the aesthetics are never forgotten – every piece has a sleek design that will please Your eyes no doubt. The main vision of BDSM Architecture is to make kink accessible in every household or kinky dungeon. We make it happen by creating stunning high-quality products for an affordable price which could suit most of the kinksters’ wallets. The kinky furniture is also designed and built in such a manner that they could be easily disassembled and stored in the most comfortable place. The most favorite part of owning this kinky business for Edgar and Sally is definitely completing the custom orders. For them there is nothing more satisfying than making the wildest fantasies and dreams into a reality whilst talking and getting to know the customer on a personal level. The only thing that they always ask is to trust them and not to be afraid to reveal what Your heart truly wants. There are many custom orders that were included into the stock and became very popular among the buyers – this encourages them to work even harder and to please every need of a customer.