Ordering and shipping

We work in two ways: we stock our products and we also process made to order furniture. If something that is not stocked at that period of time is ordered, in this case, the construction of the product takes 2-12 weeks. If a customer is in a hurry and needs to receive a specific product faster than the time period provided, please contact us info@bdsmarchitecture.com and we will make sure to find the best solution possible.

If a customer is unable to find a piece of furniture that would match the wishes, BDSM Architecture is happy to build a custom piece of kinky furniture. The process of custom orders usually goes by these steps:

  1. the customer contacts BDSM Architecture, describes thoroughly their wishes;
  2. according to the needs of the customer, professional blueprints are being drawn;
  3. after making sure the blueprints match the vision of the customer, they give approval to start the making of the product(s)
  4. the product begins to be made

This process takes 8-16 weeks.

Everything that is produced by us is shipped in discreet brown cardboard boxes that have no logos or any other implications that you have bought from our store.

To ship the orders we have partnered with FEDEX, UPS, GLS, DPD and many others.

Cancelation policy

If customer decided to cancel the order, we offer three options:

  1. If order is canceled within 24 after the order is placed, we cancel the order for free and return the full sum customer paid;
  2. If the order is cancelled after 24 hours, but was not shipped yet, we will cancel the order and derive the 10% restock fee from the refund;
  3. If the order is already shipped, cancellation is not possible, please see Returning policies below. 

Return policy

All items being returned must be pre-approved by BDSM Architecture staff.

Returning a completely fine product

If the customer decides to return the product(s) and:

  • it has never been used by anyone;
  • it contains all the original packaging, paperwork, manuals and accessories,

it is possible to do it minus the shipment fees and a restocking fee. Shipment fees will be paid by the customer. Additionally, if, while buying, the shipment price was set as free, it means that the actual shipment expenses were included into the product’s price and it will be derived from the returned money. The receipts of the shipping costs will be provided in order to not leave any doubts.

The restocking fee will depend on item’s set: if the item is in the default settings, we will take 10% restock fee, if the item is customized, we will take 20% restock fee.

Returning a product that has factory defects

If upon the delivery recipient finds out that the product or some part of it has some factory defects, then the customer, preferably within 30 days after receiving the piece of furniture,  contact us. We will either:

  1. send newly made same piece of furniture for free;
  2. send a new part of a furniture to replace the one that has factory defects for free;
  3. give back 100 % of the paid price;
  4. compensate in any other way that is the most suitable for the both parties. For example, exchange it to another product.

Taxes and duties

Our shipping policy does not include local taxes such as customs, import, VAT and other. Local taxes may be added upon delivery according to your country’s law. It’s fully the receiver’s duty to pay these taxes.