Stainless steel flogger of chains with a dildo-shaped handle. The handle is made of solid surgical steel for Your safety and hygiene which makes it perfect for both vaginal and anal play. The 8 chains of the flogger make it quite heavy and create hard impact. This exclusive multi-functional flogger will create the unforgettable experience for both partners.

  • Total length: 55 cm / 22 in
  • Chains length: 35 cm / 14 in
  • Number of chains: 6
  • Handle length: 20 cm / 8 in 
  • Weight: 1,8 kg / 4,4 lbs.

Are you looking for a multi-functional toy that can be used not only in impact play but also in sensory play? Look no more because this Chain Flogger is what You have always searched for.

Our Chain Flogger is a wonderful toy that adds more sensation and extra depth into the session for both sides. The 8 metal tails of the flogger are capable of building up some weight and intensity to each hit so You will never have even a slightest problem making Your partner squirm in great pleasure and pain. 

The handle with a perfect shape to be used as a dildo is made from surgical steel, a material that is best known for its hygienic properties, high temperature difference resistance and low maintenance. Thus, if You wish to diversify the play and leave Your partner breathless just put the flogger into the freezer, dip into a cold or hot water for some time and enjoy the heightened stimulation. When You have to clean it, warm water and soap will be enough.

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