Adjustable pleasure frame

Adjustable pleasure frame


A box shaped Adjustable Pleasure Frame made from a durable metal will leave Your partner in a helpless, vulnerable, open position and exposes them to all the sensual games and tortures. Easily adjustable, it will fit many needs without too much of a hassle.


  • Material: Steel, faux leather
  • Finish: Black powder coated
  • Height: 50 cm / 20 in
  • Width: 55 cm / 22 in
  • Length: 55 cm / 22 in
  • Weight: 12 kg / 26 lbs.
  • Package size: 55 x 60 x 10 cm

Our pleasure frame is an excellent piece of BDSM furniture that gives You an opportunity to put Your partner in such position that you have always wanted. Legs wide open, unable to move freely, Your partner is completely at Your mercy.

Pleasure Frame allows Your partner to have their legs tossed up in such posture that opens them for pleasuring, teasing, and torturing of any kind. The soft leather padding at the bottom and the tilted back side of the device provides a comfortable lay for Your partner and doesn’t wear out their neck and back too much, especially if the sensual play is prolonged.

Adjustable pleasure frame has such name with a reason: You can regulate the angle of how close the legs could be held tossed up to the back side by fixing U-shaped part as close to it as you want, also, the height of the same U-shaped part is easily regulated as it can be pulled into its lower part. Lastly, the bar at the front can be positioned either higher or lower. No doubt, rather than adjusting to the item, it will adjust to You. The shape of the pleasure frame lets You to tie or cuff down the receiver of the action and allows a vibrator or a magic wand to be fasted down to the frontal bar and it can be left there for as long as You want.

Like many of our products, the pleasure frame can be easily collapsed for storage and transported to a wanted location, therefore, there is no need to worry that it won’t fit in Your home or that it will be difficult to transfer it.

Is this Adjustable Pleasure Frame not exactly the type that You are looking for? We aim to please our customers so please contact us and express Your desires! We specialize in custom-made fetish sex furniture, therefore every item can be customized to suit Your needs free of charge. Is there something on Your kinky mind that You don’t see on our website? Get in touch and we will do our best to make Your dreams come true!

We care about Your convenience and discretion: our products are shipped in discreet packaging by our partner couriers so we get the best prices for shipping.