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CBT / TAU chair


A CBT chair of a sleek dark design that will not only perfectly decorate Your dungeon but will also imprison the person that deserves or longs to be tortured. This CBT Chair is as customizable as any other of our products to fit the needs of anyone. 

  • Height: 132 cm
  • Width: 106 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Finish: powder coated
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A wonderful addition to any bedroom or dungeon, our CBT Chair will be liked by many, no matter if You are the one sitting in the chair or the one that takes the role of a torturer. This chair will ensure that the restrainee will not be able to escape from the torture full of pleasure passion.

Our sturdy metal is ready to withstand any action that you want to perform or experience. In order to restrain the person sitting in the chair to the maximum, there is a possibility to customize the experience however You want.  The armrests are designed in a way that would be comfortable to cuff the restrainee’s wrists behind their back with Your own cuffs. Legs will be restrained too, with either metal cuffs or Your own tools attached to a metal loop. Our neck stock will ensure that the person will not move that much, even if everything gets too much, but if there is no need to use it, it could be simply bent back.

For an additional price and more intense experience we could add metal higher-placed armrests which would extend the arms sideways and remind of a TAU chair, and restrained, once again, by our metal cuffs or your own bondage device attached to a metal loop. For the most extraordinary experience we could add a dildo and a magic wand holder so the Dom just could sit back, relax and watch everything that is happening in front of Their eyes. If You know beforehand that the restrainee tends to move too much, we could add a leather belt to restrain them even more. With such a customizable device You could get or provide any experience You want with only a few minutes spent while getting ready for it.. 

When not in use, our chair could be disguised as a simple piece of furniture, so if some visitors come without a warning, You will not need to hide it anywhere.

Is this CBT Chair not exactly the type that You are looking for? We aim to please our customers so please contact us and express Your desires! We specialize in custom-made fetish sex furniture, therefore every item can be customized to suit Your needs free of charge. Is there something on Your kinky mind that You don’t see on our website? Get in touch and we will do our best to make Your dreams come true!

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