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1,040.05 $

This Transformer Cage, designed to immobilize Your partner in a sitting position, comes with a twist that will surprise everyone: You can transform into a cage of Your dreams all by Yourself. 5 possible variations, deliciously restrained partner, and endless possibilities to tease, to pleasure and to torture Your partner will satisfy even the most restless kinkster.

  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Raw metal
  • Height: 102 cm / 40 in
  • Width: 54 cm / 21 in
  • Depth: 68 cm / 27 in
  • Weight: 30 kg / 66 lbs.


Raw steel (default) (+0.00 $)
Black (+54.17 $)
Other (custom) (+65.00 $)
If "other" is chosen, please note a color in order.
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We all have been in such mood when it seems that it’s almost impossible to decide what You or Your partner wants to do when the heated mood strikes and we know that You just can’t buy all the kinky equipment in the world. No one wants to spend a lot of time assembling and searching for another equipment or pack their home full of kinky equipment, especially if circumstances are not at Your favor. That’s why we built Transformer Cage, a cage that has 5 exciting variations with each one taking no longer than few moments to assemble. This Transformer Cage is a perfect addition to Your dungeon: it won’t take up too much space and its possibilities will definitely keep You busy and excited for next session.

Since the size of the cage is small and the caged person is immobilized by sitting with knees bent to their chest, the person inside has to give up the freedom to move or even change the position while the dominant gets all the power to tease and control the prisoner. This cage is made from sturdy steel that can handle Your naughtiest fantasies – do not hesitate to test its limits.

Transformer Cage consists of 4 parts:

1) the body of a cage with open upper side,

2) metal slate with bars with two bigger square holes for the arms the head and/or arms,

3) solid metal plate with one hole for securing the head and

4) trapezium shaped roof on which has a special hole in front of the head so something, whether it’s food or something a bit nastier, could be put inside of the slave or submissive’s mouth.

The best part of this cage that You can combine whatever part You or Your partner wishes in the moment. This means that You don’t need to have multiple cages to satisfy all needs. Now, only one is enough.

The Transformer Cage has a metal hook on top of it, allowing the cage to be suspended in the air. It is also possible to make this cage without a hook.

Is this Transformer Cage not exactly the type that You are looking for? We aim to please our customers so please contact us and express Your desires! We specialize in custom-made fetish sex furniture, therefore every item can be customized to suit Your needs free of charge. Is there something on Your kinky mind that You don’t see on our website? Get in touch and we will do our best to make Your dreams come true!

We care about Your convenience and discretion: our products are shipped in a discreet packaging by our partner couriers.