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Bird cage


 A cage for the most graceful birdies out there. Customizable roof, either round or flat roof and couple of bigger holes which allow the person inside to stick their head or legs out will keep every play session interesting and exciting.

  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Powder coating
  • Height: 117 – 150 cm / 46 – 59 in
  • Width: 89 cm / 35 in
  • Length: 79 cm / 31 in
  • Weight: 32 kg / 70 lbs.
  • Package size: 123 x 50 x 15 cm; 81 x 50 x 12 cm.


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 If there is a birdy at home, waiting for its cage or there was always a need to show off the Sub to everyone at the party, but it was impossible to find such a cage, look no more. Our Bird Cage is a wonderful tool to keep the Sub safe and sound and bring something new to the dungeons or parties.

Inside there is enough room for the person inside not to feel too claustrophobic but not enough to completely relax. After all, the commands of a Master will not perform themselves, aren‘t they? Larger hole on the upper side of the cage allows the prisoner to stick out the head and perform the orders of the Dominant or get petted if they are acting nice enough. Also, if the birdy inside gets tired or their legs cramp, the bigger holes on the lower side of the cage will allow them to stick the legs out comfortably. Such position would also be a delightful one for impact play and torture since the legs would be beautifully exposed.

Just like many of our products, this Bird Cage is versatile and has two versions. The first version is with a round roof, so the cage would resemble the cage of a bird. The second version is with a flat roof, which gives less space for the person inside but maintains the unusual and interesting look to itself.

Have no doubts, this cage will soon become the center of attention in every party or Your favorite piece of BDSM furniture in the dungeon.

 Is this Bird Cage not exactly the type that You are looking for? We aim to please our customers so please contact us and express Your desires! We specialize in custom-made fetish sex furniture, therefore every item can be customized to suit Your needs free of charge. Is there something on Your kinky mind that You don’t see on our website? Get in touch and we will do our best to make Your dreams come true!

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